Boxing Schools


Botanica – Olympic Reserve Sport School
Coaches: Leonid Tomsa, phone: 0691-53-563
Vladimir Papasenco, phone: 0685-36-841

Rascani “Junior” Club
Coaches: Andrei Gusan, phone: 0794- 41-925
Tudor Ceban, phone: 0697-55-831

Buiucani – residence club 
Coach: Iurie Paraschiv, phone: 0692-71-322

Specialized Sport School of Boxing, Wrestling and Kickboxing
Coaches: Anatol Pica, phone: 0797-969-24
Gheorghe Bugneac, phone: 0792-44-528


Currently, the boxing is practiced in 23 regions of the country.



In this city, in 1947, the first page of the Moldovan boxing history was opened. In the Pushkin Park, under the open sky, the first Championship of Moldova took place. In 1956, the capital boxers obtained the first remarkable results on the All-Union arena. Then, at the Championship of the All-Union Society “Pishevik”, the Chisinau residents, Mihail Gluhov and Pavel Luscevschii became silver medalists.

In the capital of Moldova, the boxing was promoted by the “Labor Reserves”, “Dinamo” and “Moldova”. This kind of sport was particularly popular among university students. Mihail Agulnicov, Municipal Federation President, at that time associate professor at the Polytechnic Institute made significant efforts with a view to developing boxing in Chisinau.

Within the 3rd Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR held in 1963, the Chisinau residents, Vasile Peata and Alexandru Nefedov, obtained silver and respectively, bronze medals.

At various tournaments organized by the All-Union societies “Dinamo” and “Labor Reserves”, the capital boxers obtained dozens of medals. The list of winners within those tournaments includes: D. Cozlov, G. Cuznetov, V. Dolgov, M. Lapteacru, L.Tomsa, A. Mileah, G. Buzilo, E. Jiltov and others.

The boxers from Chisinau, for a period of many years, kept leading positions in the country as for the number of prizes in various domestic and All-Union tournaments.

The founding of the Youth Sports School by the Voluntary Sports Society "Moldova" in 1982 played a key role in the development of boxing. The head of this school was Alexander Zaicik. The coaches working there were: G. Bugneac, A. Pica, I. Paraschiv and O. Diteatin. The school became the “Moldova” Society boxing center. During those years, a lot of various competitions were held. Particularly popular was the Tournament dedicated to the Civil War hero “Sergei Lazo”. This included a Master of Sports of the USSR qualification normative.

In 1988, within the All-Union contest for the best organization of mass-sports activity and training of qualified athletes, of the 540 boxing school, the Moldovan one ranked 4th.

Between the years 1995-2000, within the Republican Championships, Chisinau was winning around 5-6 gold medals each time. Starting with 2001, the Chisinau boxing positions were strongly shaken. Thus, Moldovan champions became only three boxers from Chisinau, in 2002 - two, in 2003 - two, and in 2004 - two, in 2005 – two and in 2006 – three.

Serious competitors for the Chisinau boxers became the representatives of Grimancauti village and Tiraspol city.

Currently, there are boxing sections operating within the specialized school of the “Olimpia” Club (director Leonid Stotchii, senior coach Leonid Tomsa, coaches: Iurii Ermacov and Iurii Safonov). In this school were brought up many excellent boxers. Among them should be mentioned the multiple champion of Moldova, Ivan Gaivan, who in 2002 won the bronze medal at the European Championship. The Specialized Sport School of Boxing, Wrestling and Kickboxing (director Ion Bogdan, senior coach Gr. Liutii; coach: A. Gusan), School of the highest sports mastery No.2. G. Bugneac and A. Pica are working here as coaches. Their pupils become often winners of many prestigious tournaments, including the Republic Championships. School of the highest sports mastery No.2 is proud to have launched the International Master of Sports, Ion Gonta. Currently, Ion practices professional boxing. He achieved excellent results, such as the golden belt of the European Union Boxing Championship (according to ЕВУ).

In conclusion, it should be noted that the capital boxing was and continues to be the main link of the country pugilistic life, whose merits can not be underestimated.


The specialized Boxing School from Grimancauti village was founded in 2000, based on the local boxing section. Taking into account the performances of the local athletes, the Government of the Republic of Moldova found the possibility to allocate money necessary for the construction of a boxing centre. This was put into operation in 2004. Currently, it is the main platform where the national team is trained for international competitions.

The center has a specialized room endowed with a ring, boxing equipment and other machinery; a hall for general physical training equipped with 12 training devices; a rest room; showers, sauna, kitchen. In winter the building is heated by a boiler that runs on natural gas.

Currently, the center trains about 100 young athletes from the country villages.

Between the years 1997 – 2007, the Grimancauti School prepared 46 champions of the Republic among adults and 58 among juniors and cadets.

The Grimancauti School trainees obtained the following results:

- one bronze medal within the Olympic Games in Sydney, 2000 – V. Grusac;
- one silver medal within the European Championship, 2002 – V. Gojan;
- one silver medal within the World Championship among students, 2006 – M. Muntean;
- two silver medals within the European Cup, 1999 – V. Grusac and O. Ticu;
- one bronze medal within the European Cup, 1999  – O. Lesnic;
- two bronze medals within the European Championship among cadets, 1997– V. Bejenari and T. Lavric;
- four bronze medals within the European Championship among pupils: 2004 – V. Mateiciuc, R. Todosciuc; 2005 – I. Procopisin; 2006 – V. Berzoi;
- 95 medals (31 golden, 31 silver and 33 bronze) – within international tournaments, А Class.

The school has also trained: 1 Honored Master of Sports, 5 International Master of Sports, 11 Masters of Sports, 2 Honored Coaches of Moldova and 2 International Referees.

The school operates under the auspices of Central Sports Club “Dinamo”.

The school holds, on an annual basis, the “P. Luscevschi” international memorial tournament as well as a tournament for children entitled “The young Dynamo player”.

The school principal is Svetlana Caduc. Senior coach – Petru Caduc.



The Youth Sports School from Balti was opened in 1959. In 1962, the boxing section was headed by the discharged sailor, Boris Petuhov. He worked very hard and managed to create appropriate conditions for training, coaching staff selection and referees’ preparation. The results appeared shortly after. A few years later, in Balti appeared the first Masters of Sports of the USSR. They were: Grigore Tisari, Leonid Ghesele and Eduard Miscenco. They, like other boxers, repeatedly won the title of Moldova champions and became winners of several republican and All-Union competitions.

Subsequently, the title of Master of Sports of the USSR was obtained by M. Zerchin, M. Ghil, M. Trahtenberg, P. Abdicasev, V. Carelov, Simac brothers, T. Screabin, S. Cricunov and others.

The school athletes have achieved good results within All-Union competitions as well. Within the 5th Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR held in 1971, L. Ghesele obtained the 5th place. The All-Union Central Trade Union Council champion title was won by M. Zerchin. At the first All-Union Youth Games, P. Abdicasev took the silver, while A. Babii and V. Simac, within the All-Union Spartakiad among pupils took the bronze. The disciple of the coach G. Tisari, S. Cricunov, in 1979 won the USSR Championship among juniors, and in 1981 – golden medal within the All-Union Spartakiad among pupils.

In Balti, the tournament held in the memory of Boris Glavan was highly popular. Among its winners, over the years, were pupils of the boxing school such as L. Ghesele, V. Goltman, M. Trahtenbertg, M. Ribalca, V. Tcacenco, P. Abdicasev, S. Boico, I. Pupcov, A. Pica and V. Carelov.

Within the 8th Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR which took place in Moscow, S. Cricunov (coach: G. Tisari) won the bronze medal.

In 1987, at the USSR Championship, T. Scriabin (coach: L. Ghesele) took the 3rd place, in 1988 won bronze medal in the Olympic Games in Seoul, and in 1989 becomes the winner of the USSR Championship.

In 1993, the Balti boxing school pupil, V. Gavriliuc (coach: Iu.Iachimov) won the bronze medal within the European Championship held in Greece. In the same year, A. Grusevschi (coach: A. Curosu) ranked third at the European Cup. In 1989, S. Guranda (coach: V. Simac) won the bronze medal within the European Championship in Croatia. In 2003, within the European Championship (Youth), D. Ursu (coach: V. Simac) ranked 5th, and in 2005 won the silver within the Boxing World Cup among oil producing countries in Nizhnevartovsk (Russia). In 2006, P. Sapesco (coach: A. Curosu) won the bronze medal within the European Championship among pupils. During the same year, D. Ursu ranks third within the World Championship among students, Almaty.

Between the years 1962 – 2006, in Balti were prepared 44 Masters of Sports. Today, the boxing school has a very qualified boxing coaching staff – V. Simac, Master of Sports of the USSR, high rank coach; A. Curosu, Master of Sports of the USSR, 1st rank coach; I. Pupcov, Master of Sports of the USSR, 2nd rank coach; I. Buruianov, 1st rank coach; Iu.Iachimov, Honored Coach of Moldova.

In Balti is held the annual International Tournament dedicated to the memory of the Honored Coach of Moldova, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, referee of the Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980, Boris Petuhov.

An important contribution to the development of boxing in Balti is brought by the current president of the municipal federation, Master of Sports, Andrei Capsamun.



In this city, situated on the left bank of Nistru River, boxing is one of the leading sports among young people. The first boxing school was opened in the late forties. In 1947, Rostislav Sutov from Tiraspol participated within the first Championship of Moldova, where he won the golden medal.

Since then, much time has passed. The Tiraspol boxing continues its development. Here were trained many wonderful organizers, coaches and referees. In this connection, we would like to mention Boris Oiherman, Evghenii Bojco, Anatol Romanco and Vladimir Poddubnii. Among the today coaches who stand out through a prolific activity are Victor Cazanji, Victor Chinul, Vladimir Ghetmanciuc, Maxim Certicovtev, Anatolii Dovgopol and others.

Well, among the athletes, the International Master of Sports, Igor Samoilenco, has no equal. He participated at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, 1996, and Athena, 2002, and won the title of Moldova Champion 12 times. In Tiraspol is rising a new generation of boxers, worthy of the reputation of their predecessors. Suffice it to mention the name of Alexandru Riscan, who at the age of 18 has already won one golden medal, two silver medals and one bronze medal, all of European origin.

Today Tiraspol is considered as one of the Moldovan boxing leaders. This is largely due to its right-flank detachment of this courageous kind of sports’ enthusiasts. A lot of good words can also be said against those who fruitfully work in the field of boxing in Bender, Ciadir-Lunga, Cahul, Hincesti, Comrat, Dnestrovsk, Orhei, Ungheni and Vulcanesti. In these regions are prepared very good athletes who periodically represent the country’s flag and defend its good reputation within international competitions.