The Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova, created on January 22, 1993, is the only structure in the country authorized to manage boxing as a sport. President of the Federation and Chairman of the Presidium, master of sports in boxing, businessman - Vasili Kirtoka.


The organizational structure of the Federation consists of the following bodies: Conference of Members; Presidium of the Federation; President of the Federation; General Secretary; Department of Olympic Boxing; Department of Professional Boxing; Revision Commission; Supervisory Board.



The first Moldavian Championship was in 1947 in Chisinau. The winners of the Championships, the USSR Cups and the Games of the Peoples of the Soviet Union were V. Pyata, V. Dolgov, A. Nefeedov, G. Shimansky, G. Kokurin, A. Avdeev, S. Bokal, brothers S. and T. Skryabin, V. Trubitsyn, S. Krikunov and others. Timofey Scriabin twice became a champion and twice - the bronze medalist of the USSR Championships, won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Seoul and at the World Cup, won silver in the European Championship.


The boxers of an independent Moldova performed at the Olympic Games 1996-2000-2004-2008-2012: on three - the bronze medalist of Sydney, the Honored Master of Sports of Moldova Vitaly Grushak; on two –Igor Samoylenko, on one –Vyacheslav Gozhan, Octavian Tsyku and Vasily Belous.


The most titled boxer of Moldova is the Honored Master of Sports of Moldova Vyacheslav Gozhan - the bronze medalist of the Beijing Olympic Games, the champion and vice-champion of Europe, the champion of the European Union and the finalist of the World Cup. D. Galagots became the silver medalist of the European Championship, I. Samoilenko, I. Gaivan, P. Chebanu, V. Belous, V. Kotyuzhansky won the bronze medal and A. Ryshkan won the bronze medal twice. Silver and bronze at the World Cup were awarded to V. Kotyuzhansky and M. Muntian. At the World Universiade bronze medalists were D. Galagots and A. Ryshkan. At the European Championship in 2014, Moldova took the first team place: A.Riscan and V.Gozhan became champions, D.Galagots, V.Belous, V.Karapchevsky and V.Yalymov became bronze medalists. M. Muntean became the finalist of the World Student Championship, I. Konobeev, A. Ryshkan, D. Ursu, V. Belous, D. Galagots and A. Usatenko became bronze medalists. The second place in the European Cup was occupied by O. Tsyku, I. Gonts and V. Grushak, the third - I. Samoylenko, O. Lesnik, R. Baranov, A. Hrushevsky and V. Kotyuzhansky. The finalist of the European Championship among young people (19-22) became P.Chebanu, the bronze medalist - D. Buksha. Silver winners of the Championship and the European Cup among students were A.Arnaut and V.Karapchevsky, bronze - V.Kelesh, V.Kirma, A.Andreev, D.Sukhodolsky, V.Kotyuzhansky and V.Berzoy. V. Belous became the champion of the World Martial Arts Games, G. Shapoval. got the bronze. The champions of the Balkan Games were I.Gonts, V.Grushak and V.Tsebernyak.


Bronze medalist at the First Junior Olympic Games in Singapore was D.Svareschuk. At the World Championship among young people A. Andreev won a bronze medal. D. Buksha was the European champion among young people, Y. Ivanov was the vice-champion, V. Gavrilyuk, M. Kvasyuk, A. Ryshkan and E. Bezhenaru won bronze. V.Yalymov and V.Tsuguy became silver medalists of the World Junior Championships, P.Cheban and M.Kvasiuk became bronze medalists. European champion among juniors was V. Tsuguy; D.Buksha, V.Tsuguy, A.Paraskiv, V.Kasym, K.Ursu and twice -A.Ryshkan were awarded silver medals; bronze medals –T.Lavrik, V.Bezhenar, A.Vyskubebets, D.Buksha, I.Lupu, S.Kitskul, V.Karagiya and V.Pitula. A.Ryshkan, V.Boderau, M.Postoyuk and V.Gudz became champions of Europe among school children.


A significant contribution to the education of champions and runners-up in the period of independence of the Republic of Moldova was made by Honored Trainers of the Republic of Moldova Alexander Skrypnyk, Petru Kaduk, Leonid Tomsha, Victor Kazanzhi, Vladimir Poddubny, Anatoly Dovgopol, George Bugnyak, Vyacheslav Simak, Igor Untila and others. For his contribution to the development of boxing, the highest order of the NOCS of Moldova was awarded to the head coach of the national team of the Republic of Moldova, Petru Kaduk and the President of the Federation, Master of Sports of the USSR on boxing Vasily Kirtoka. Konstantin Doltu was elected Vice-President of the European Boxing.