Honored Referees of Moldova


Anatol Caigorodov was born in1959. He was given the state award – “OM EMERIT” medal.

Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Moldova. Master of Sports of the USSR in boxing. 

He started to work as a referee in 1983. In 1987 became a National Referee and in 1991 – an All-Union Referee.

He refereed USSR Championships and Cups, including ones involving notorious boxers and world champions as Vitalii Klitschko, Oleg Mascaev, Constantin Dziu, Alexandr Lebzeac and others. In 1995 he becomes an International Referee. He is among the first 3-star AIBA International Referees.

For the first time in the history of Moldovan sports and boxing, he was invited by the International Olympic Committee at the boxers’ tournament in the Beijing Olympics, 2008. He refereed the most prestigious final fight of the super heavyweights in the Olympics.

He participated in the refereeing of:
- 11 World Championships among juniors, soldiers, students and women, including 3 – among elite boxers (2005 in China, 2007 in SUA and 2009 in Italia)
- 15 European Championships among pupils, juniors, youth and students, including 5 - among elite boxers (1998 - Belarus, 2002 – Russia, 2004 - Croatia , 2006 - Bulgaria , 2010 – Turkey)
- 11 Olympic Games Qualification Tournaments (2000 - 2004 - 2008 – 2012) 
- over 50 AIBA international tournaments
- approximately 50 championships of Moldova as Main Referee

In 2010 completed the course of Referees and Judges Instructors within the AIBA Boxing Academy in Canada. 

Since 2010, he is the referee of the WSB Professional Boxing International League. He participated in 15 matches in China, Macau, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Korea, Germany, Italy, France and Turkey, including 74 fights as referee and side judge.



Кадук Игорь

Caduc Igor, Briceni
AIBA 3 Star Referee
Participated in:
Youth World Championship, Baku, 2010
Women's World Championship, Barbados, 2010
Women's World Championship, Antalya, 2011
European Championship among Cadets, Kaunas, 2003
European Championship among Cadets, Saratov, 2004
Athens Olympics Qualifying Tournament, 2004



Поддубный Владимир

Poddubnii Vladimir – Tiraspol
AIBA 3 Star Referee
Participated in:
European Championship among juniors, 2002, Ukraine
World Championship among juniors, 2003, Romania 
Youth European Championship, 2003, Poland 
Youth World Championship, 2004, South Korea
European Championship among juniors, 2008, Bulgaria 
European Championship among pupils, 2009, Russia 
European Championship among pupils, 2010, Bulgaria



Valeriu Bandalac – Briceni, Grimancauti 
AIBA 2 Star Referee
Participated in:
Youth European Championship, Tallinn (Estonia), 2005
European Championship among pupils, Nikolaev (Ukraine), 2006
Youth European Championship, Szczecin (Poland), 2009
European Championship among juniors, Lvov (Ukraine), 2010 
25 А Class International Tournaments.