Brief history of foundation:

On 15 April 1993, the Ministry of Justice registered the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova.

On 30 October 2001, the Ministry of Justice registered the Professional Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova.

Due to the amendment of the current legislation and indication stipulating that only one sports Federation can operate in a particular sport field at the Republican level, on 8 November 2003 at the Republican Conference the decision was taken on accession (merge) of the Professional Boxing Federation to the Boxing Federation.

As a result, the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova has become the full successor of the Professional Boxing Federation, as specified in the constituent documents, and on 3 December 2003 it was registered by the Ministry of Justice.

Starting from 03 December 2003, according to the Law no. 330-XIV of 26 March 1999 ‘On Physical Education and Sport’ and the Moldova Government Decree no. 356 of 26 March 2003 ‘On the Approval of the Regulation on organization and operation of National Sports Federations’, in the Republic of Moldova there is only one Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova, which regulates (Olympic and professional) boxing and is entitled to organize, manage and represent this sport, including to interact with central and local authorities, international organizations, anti-doping agencies, Olympic Committee, to control and supervise all sports structures of this sport (schools, clubs, leagues), to draw up sports and individual competition schedules (tournaments, meetings, fights), to license the athletes, coaches and judges, to create and monitor the operation of specialized commissions, to put forward the proposals for the award of sports titles and scholarships, to perform other administrative and managerial functions, including to take technical decisions on individual cases.

In accordance with the above law, the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Moldova is the only national structure that interacts with international organizations and structures.

Vasili Chirtoca: “There is no separate amateur and professional boxing. There is only boxing.”
Tuesday, 27 November 2018  |   Профессиональный бокс

In 2019, under the auspices of the Boxing Federation of Moldova, planned to spend a couple of tournaments in boxing, including international. This was announced by Vasili Chirtoca, in an interview for one of the Moldovan editions.


Результаты Чемпионата Европы стран Европейского содружества
Tuesday, 20 November 2018  |   Новости

В испанском Валладолиде 124 боксёра из 26 стран с 9 по 18 ноября вели бои за право подняться на пьедестал почёта, завоевав медали, а победители ещё награждались чемпионскими поясами.


Два молдаванина вышли в полуфинал Чемпионата Европы
Friday, 16 November 2018  |   Новости

Дмитрий Галагоц, выступающий в весовой категории 64 кг, после побед над поляком и ирландцем, завтра за выход в финал встречается с англичанином.


Oleksandr Usyk scores thunderous knockout of Tony Bellew to remain undefeated cruiserweight champion
Monday, 12 November 2018  |   Профессиональный бокс

Oleksandr Usyk's dominance in the cruiserweight division continued on Saturday with a thunderous knockout win over veteran Tony Bellew.


Важные решения Конгресса Международной ассоциации бокса (ФОТО)
Tuesday, 06 November 2018  |   Новости

В Москве прошел Конгресс Международной ассоциации бокса (AIBA), на котором был избран ее новый президент, члены Исполкома, а также утверждены новые весовые категории, которые будут представлены на Олимпийских Играх- 2020 в Токио.